Sunday, October 2, 2011

When A Man You Love Was Abused - Cecil Murphey

Although i am not a man nor have i , thankfully,  known a man who was sexually abused i found this book to be very informative with page after page of situations that i also could relate to having been there myself . this book did help me to understand the differences, although both are horrific, between what a male vs a female goes through. i found myself reading, re-reading and highlighting passages on every page as a confirmation of how i feel or have felt.  i am not really sure i can see it as a guide for women to use to help a man whom she loves whose been abused as much as a real life encounter of what the author went through and the journey he took and is possibly still taking to overcome the immense damage done to him. i feel that anyone, both male or female can benefit from reading this book, i did. i would definitely recommend this book to all for there are many more out there who have been abused and just having those around them understand what they are going through would be of tremendous support.

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