Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After - By PeggySue Wells

Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After:…Happily ever after...isn't that what we all want? Those are the last words one would think of especially after a divorce or the loss of a lifelong partner. I found this book to be extremely refreshing even though I have been divorced for over ten years there were things I realized through reading this book that i had never taken the time to deal with. PeggySue Well's book helped me to reevaluate my life and set new boundaries. it was also very efficient in giving me back some of the confidence in who i am and who i can be. i would recommend this book to any organization or group of people that are trying to help those newly divorced or those who are still struggling. Many positive and uplifting passages throughout the book can be used to commit to heart. Excellent book for all who are hurting from any failed relationship.

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