Friday, December 6, 2013


The Breath of Dawn by Kristen HeitzmannAfter losing his wife, Morgan Spencer tries to hide his pain by wrapping himself up in his 2 yr old daughter Livie while living with his brother and sister-in-law  (Noelle) on their ranch.  Hiding from an ugly past and a man (Markham) who Quinn Reilly hoped would be put away for a long, long time she tries to start over. Fate throws Morgan and Quinn together during a Thanksgiving dinner Quinn prepares for her new friend Noelle. Quinn soon falls head over heels in love with Morgan’s daughter Livie. Markham’s release is made known to Quinn when she starts getting threats on her phone which are seen by Morgan. Quinn decides to run but Morgan having become fond of Quinn offers her a solution that could possibly keep her safe and help her to disappear too. When those plans don’t work they find that facing the past in order to be able to have a future might be the only choice they have.


No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth LudwigThe year is 1897 and the excitement of being in New York Harbor is spreading among the new immigrants that came from far away places to start over, Cara Hamilton clutches a reminder of someone she longs to see again. She searches the crowds for a glimpse of a familiar face which in the massive crowd she finds impossible. With only a letter from her missing brother she is destined to set out to find him not knowing where to start. /all seems overwhelming until a strange man befriends Cara and guides her to a rooming house where she is introduced to a group of curious strangers. Being forewarned to not trust anyone Cara allows herself to trust Rourke the stranger from the boat. As she searches for clues to the whereabouts of her brother she gets drawn into a world far beyond anything she could have imagined. A world where her life is threatened and she is repeatedly warned to leave things alone. Cara finds that Rourke is far more than the helpful stranger and soon starts to mistrust his intentions while Rourke learns he has been mislead by those he works with and decides to aide Cara in finding her brother. Through a world of attempted murder, angry revolutionaries who seek revenge and a mysterious secret that hangs over everything Can Cara find friendship, love and possibly a new meaning to her life?