Friday, October 7, 2011

Secrets To Parenting Your Adult Child - By Nancy Williams

Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child by MEd…i received this book as an early reviewer from author Nancy Williams. one of the first things that struck me is the statement, "successful parenting  means you have helped your children become the persons God wants them to be". to me this is the utmost goal of a Christian parent. yes it is nice if your child is handsome or rich or owns their own business but what good is all that if they have no relationship with the God who created them? in order to accomplish this goal there must be some key ingredients such as communication, trust, honesty, openness and prayer. prayer is perhaps more important than any of the others. the author starts right at the beginning with talking about what to expect from being a parent. she talks to her readers in a coaching mentoring style which makes it really easy to take in the information she feeds you even when it is a tough subject or something you don't agree with. she covers all stages and situations that a parent with an adult child might find themselves in including a section of parents of handicap and military children. there is a section also on grandparenting and how to become more involved in the lives of your grandchildren. there are Biblical verses throughout the book that are a real help in that they are something to hold on to. in my opinion this is an easy book to read full of wisdom and advice. definitely a must have for your library or anyone getting to go through the "empty nest" syndrome.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Iron Wagon - By Al & Joanna Lacy

The Iron Wagon: A Novel (Return of the…
This book is the third in the "Return of the Stranger" series which continues in the lives of the family of John Brockman, a U.S Marshall, who has a reputation as a sharp shooter. In the beginning, Beanna (his wife) has had a serious accident and is having to relearn how to walk. The story especially revolves around Paul who follows in his father's footsteps and proves that he can measure up to his father who is a well-known legend, by showing wisdom beyond his years and an abundance of courage. Although Paul loves his job, he finds an emptiness inside his heart. Paul asks God to send him a woman in which to share his life and while on a mission, (where he comes into possession of the title namesake's, Iron Wagon), in which he transports five evil outlaws to Yuma prison. he meets up with a beautiful woman named Lisa Martin whom he rescues. She accompanies Paul on the trip to Yuma falling deeply in love with him. When they return to Denver, Paul's hometown, they announce their engagement and plan a double wedding with Paul's sister and fiance'. I am sure if you read this book in context, it would be even more powerful, but it can stand alone as well. The gospel story is told in several way on several occasions in this book and is very clear and concise.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After - By PeggySue Wells

Rediscovering Your Happily Ever After:…Happily ever after...isn't that what we all want? Those are the last words one would think of especially after a divorce or the loss of a lifelong partner. I found this book to be extremely refreshing even though I have been divorced for over ten years there were things I realized through reading this book that i had never taken the time to deal with. PeggySue Well's book helped me to reevaluate my life and set new boundaries. it was also very efficient in giving me back some of the confidence in who i am and who i can be. i would recommend this book to any organization or group of people that are trying to help those newly divorced or those who are still struggling. Many positive and uplifting passages throughout the book can be used to commit to heart. Excellent book for all who are hurting from any failed relationship.

Paradise Valley - By Dale Cramer

Paradise Valley (The Daughters of Caleb…
In Salt Creek Township in eastern Ohio in the year of 1922, Caleb Bender lived with his family amidst his Amish neighbors. Life on their farm was lived in an orderly fashion with each member of the family doing his or her part of the daily chores. They seemed to be Living a life of peace and tranquility until one morning an automobile made its way down the long driveway and stopped in front of the Bender residence which was something way out of the ordinary for an Amish home. Out of the car step policeman who demand Caleb and the men who had gathered to send their children to the English school. When they refused the men were taken off to jail. The courts threaten to send the children to foster homes if the men refused to cooperate. The families were beside themselves until one of the leaders, Caleb, sees an add for land in Mexico and finds that there are no rules on sending children to school. Caleb and his family are the first to leave for this new country, "Paradise Valley". The story tells of their struggles and triumphs in their journey as they settle in paradise valley. Caleb and his family learn to live among the strange new people and even start a school that helps the Mexican children to read and write. A must read story as it takes you on an exciting journey and shows what is possible with a little faith and a whole lot of hard work.

When A Man You Love Was Abused - Cecil Murphey

Although i am not a man nor have i , thankfully,  known a man who was sexually abused i found this book to be very informative with page after page of situations that i also could relate to having been there myself . this book did help me to understand the differences, although both are horrific, between what a male vs a female goes through. i found myself reading, re-reading and highlighting passages on every page as a confirmation of how i feel or have felt.  i am not really sure i can see it as a guide for women to use to help a man whom she loves whose been abused as much as a real life encounter of what the author went through and the journey he took and is possibly still taking to overcome the immense damage done to him. i feel that anyone, both male or female can benefit from reading this book, i did. i would definitely recommend this book to all for there are many more out there who have been abused and just having those around them understand what they are going through would be of tremendous support.

Running Scared - By Robert Leon Davis

This is one of  the most exciting autobiographies I have read. As the author begins to tell his story it becomes  easy to see how he went from good cop to bad cop and how each new decision he made created the next situation inevitable. there were many times it seemed when Robert was given a way out of his daily turmoil only to give in to the voice that kept telling him to run. This story was much like being on a personal interview with him as he shared the struggles he faced for over 22 years on the run and the difficulties he had to endure so that he could remain in the world he created. With each new city and each new relationship i found myself encouraging him to yield to the call of God so that he would finally have some peace. Yet each time he chose to run i felt the exhilaration of the taste of freedom along with him. He had mastered the art of being alone or had he?  The emptiness he felt was overwhelming  at times and the need for what he had known never ceased to draw him to a state of repentance. This book is an excellent example that proves that there is nothing that God can't forgive and there is no where that you can hide that God can't find you. What an inspiration for the thousands of us who have loved ones whom we have been praying for them to be saved and thinking it's been too long, that we will never see them return to us or God. Robert shows us that even the smartest, fastest and most cunning are still no match for God. Find out how Robert struggles with his Maker and which one of them finally wins.