Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too Rich for a Bride: A Novel (The Sinclair…Too Rich To Be A Bride - By Mona Hodgson is a story about two characters who's lives are full of dreams and responsibilities yet who are both very much alone. The first, a lovely independent woman named Ida. Sinclair from Maine determined to follow her dream of being a business owner. While taking business classes in the hopes of some day running a business of her own. Ida. thinks she has met her equal in her professor only to find that his intentions are not what she imagined. She is offered a position with him only to find that he values her as a mistress not a business partner proving to her she may have a much tougher time of being a women in a man’s world of business than she thought. Disappointed by his advances she decides to venture out west to Cripple Creek Colorado where two of her sisters live with their husbands landing her an interview with the most successful  business woman in Colorado.
The second character is a handsome young traveling preacher named Tucker Raines who leaves his calling to go to Colorado to take care of his ailing father and run the family ice business while he settles his father’s affairs. Through struggling with trials of his own and seeking to do the will of the Lord, Tucker finds that God has a much different plan for his life than the one he would have chosen. Ida has her sights set on high society while Tucker knows Ida is way out of his grasp for any future together yet they seem to keep crossing each others paths in the most awkward circumstances. It seems that fate and Hattie, the owner of the boarding house where Ida. is staying seem to have more hope of what the future holds for Ida. and Tucker then do they. Read more to find out how a tall and handsome stranger comes into Ida's life almost causing her to lose all she holds dear and how that encounter shows her just how perfectly matched to Tucker she is.