Friday, October 7, 2011

Secrets To Parenting Your Adult Child - By Nancy Williams

Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child by MEd…i received this book as an early reviewer from author Nancy Williams. one of the first things that struck me is the statement, "successful parenting  means you have helped your children become the persons God wants them to be". to me this is the utmost goal of a Christian parent. yes it is nice if your child is handsome or rich or owns their own business but what good is all that if they have no relationship with the God who created them? in order to accomplish this goal there must be some key ingredients such as communication, trust, honesty, openness and prayer. prayer is perhaps more important than any of the others. the author starts right at the beginning with talking about what to expect from being a parent. she talks to her readers in a coaching mentoring style which makes it really easy to take in the information she feeds you even when it is a tough subject or something you don't agree with. she covers all stages and situations that a parent with an adult child might find themselves in including a section of parents of handicap and military children. there is a section also on grandparenting and how to become more involved in the lives of your grandchildren. there are Biblical verses throughout the book that are a real help in that they are something to hold on to. in my opinion this is an easy book to read full of wisdom and advice. definitely a must have for your library or anyone getting to go through the "empty nest" syndrome.

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