Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running Scared - By Robert Leon Davis

This is one of  the most exciting autobiographies I have read. As the author begins to tell his story it becomes  easy to see how he went from good cop to bad cop and how each new decision he made created the next situation inevitable. there were many times it seemed when Robert was given a way out of his daily turmoil only to give in to the voice that kept telling him to run. This story was much like being on a personal interview with him as he shared the struggles he faced for over 22 years on the run and the difficulties he had to endure so that he could remain in the world he created. With each new city and each new relationship i found myself encouraging him to yield to the call of God so that he would finally have some peace. Yet each time he chose to run i felt the exhilaration of the taste of freedom along with him. He had mastered the art of being alone or had he?  The emptiness he felt was overwhelming  at times and the need for what he had known never ceased to draw him to a state of repentance. This book is an excellent example that proves that there is nothing that God can't forgive and there is no where that you can hide that God can't find you. What an inspiration for the thousands of us who have loved ones whom we have been praying for them to be saved and thinking it's been too long, that we will never see them return to us or God. Robert shows us that even the smartest, fastest and most cunning are still no match for God. Find out how Robert struggles with his Maker and which one of them finally wins.

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