Monday, October 3, 2011

The Iron Wagon - By Al & Joanna Lacy

The Iron Wagon: A Novel (Return of the…
This book is the third in the "Return of the Stranger" series which continues in the lives of the family of John Brockman, a U.S Marshall, who has a reputation as a sharp shooter. In the beginning, Beanna (his wife) has had a serious accident and is having to relearn how to walk. The story especially revolves around Paul who follows in his father's footsteps and proves that he can measure up to his father who is a well-known legend, by showing wisdom beyond his years and an abundance of courage. Although Paul loves his job, he finds an emptiness inside his heart. Paul asks God to send him a woman in which to share his life and while on a mission, (where he comes into possession of the title namesake's, Iron Wagon), in which he transports five evil outlaws to Yuma prison. he meets up with a beautiful woman named Lisa Martin whom he rescues. She accompanies Paul on the trip to Yuma falling deeply in love with him. When they return to Denver, Paul's hometown, they announce their engagement and plan a double wedding with Paul's sister and fiance'. I am sure if you read this book in context, it would be even more powerful, but it can stand alone as well. The gospel story is told in several way on several occasions in this book and is very clear and concise.

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