Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Crossing By Serita Jakes

A school bus, loaded with high school kids heading home after an evening game, anxious to get something to eat and call it a day..
BJ Remington cheer leading coach shot by an unknown masked assailant when the bus stops at a railroad crossing in a small town in Texas.
The secret she carries with her has determined the awful fate of that night that never seems to end for Claudia a student and a close friend of hers and Casio a football player and proposed hero in the middle of the chaos.
Throughout the story BJ talks to us as she lay there dying covered in blood trying to connect with the loved ones by her side. Trying to make amends. Trying to grasp at what is important now that only seconds remain. Wishing, wondering if things could have been different if only she’d had made a different choice.
As a result of that fateful night, Claudia and Casio struggle throughout there lives. Claudia with her marriage to a district attorney Vic and Casio with his girlfriend Harper and his father an ex-cop who dropped the investigation ten years earlier. Vic and Casio hook up together to try to solve the murder of BJ and to bring in the killer in order to put an end to the nightmare for Claudia and Casio.
Opening up the case that had been closed for over ten years turns out to be more than they bargain for. Secrets unfold, skeletons are uncovered and those who you would least expect become suspect to a horrendous crime.
All the characters in the book are intertwined to a point that proves that each decision we make however small can have a massive effect on more people than we think. What an excellent example of how complicated our lives can become when we choose to live for ourselves and neglect to care about the feelings of our neighbors.

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