Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prophecy By Deborah A. Jaeger

Prophecy~the Fulfillment by Deborah A JaegerThe Prophecy by Deborah A. Jaeger was given to me through the early reviewers giveaway. Before i even opened it i thought it was a book on biblical prophecy. Although that is a fascinating subject imagine my surprise to find a tale of two young adults given a task to perform that was greater than anything you or i could imagine someone going through today. The author did an excellent job of both drawing me in with the suspense of what was next and the imagination of what the next move was going to be. although it was a re-tell of one of the greatest story's on earth she made it believable as to what it might be like to have the virgin birth happen today instead of long ago. I do believe it ended abruptly but this also leaves it open for the author to write a sequel(s) of how the world would react to a holy child today. Just an idea Deborah? Anyway i loved the book and would even read it again. great work.!

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